Perio Protect Method

The Perio Protect Method at Ashland Dental Center in Chicago Heights, IL

Periodontal disease is one of the most prevalent diseases of human kind. According to the World Health Organization. One reason periodontal disease is so prevalent is because biofilm control is limited with conventional treatments. Bacteria live predominantly in communities called biofilms. A biofilm is a layering of exopolysaccharides, proteinaceous materials, bacteria, bacterial chemotoxins, enzymes and related products. Within the multiple layers in a biofilm, hundreds of different bacteria live in symbiotic relationships. Normal brushing and flossing often cannot control oral biofilm or stem the advanced tissue alterations the may occur with the introduction of more virulent pathogens. 

Most adults do not follow adequate homeware, but even for those who do regularly brush and floss, they experience a deterioration of plaque control over time.

The Perio Tray is a custom fabricated medical device that your dentist at Ashland Dental Center can prescribe in accordance with the scope and magnitude of a patient's periodontal disease conditions. The Perio Tray has been cleared by the FDA to deliver and maintain solutions of the clinician's choice into the gingival sulcus/pocket or periodontal pockets. The design of the the Perio Tray permits placement of solutions deeper into the sulcus/pocket than is possible with other tray delivery methods.

FDA Clearance

Because the FDA has cleared the Perio Tray as a sub gingival delivery medical device, the Perio Tray must be manufactured by a dental laboratory registered and regularly inspected for compliance by the FDA.

1st Visit - Exam, X-rays, Full Mouth Probing and Impressions for Perio Tray

2nd Visit - Once we receive your Perio Tray we will call and set up for you to come in and have your trays fitted, and be shown the video on Treatment Instructions

3rd Visit - Check tray seals, exam, Modify usage in accord with healing (Periodontal Maintenance Visit if Applies to Patient)

4th Visit - Exam, Cleaning, Check Tray Seals

5th Visit - Exam, Check Tray Seals, Modify Usage (Compliant cases may be able to return to normal 6-month cleaning schedule)


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