Ashland Dental Patient Testimonial - Laura

April 24, 2016


Dear Dr. Noetzel:


Here is my testimonial for the perio trays/Periogel treatment.


I regularly brush my teeth and floss on a daily basis and consider my oral hygiene habits to be excellent.  However, as I've aged the bacteria in my mouth and plaque on my teeth was really getting to be an issue.  So much so, that I had to have a professional teeth cleaning every 3 months and that still didn't help with my bad breath issues in between cleanings.  Therefore, I had been looking for a solution to this issue for years and mentioned this to Roberta when I was in for my cleaning.  Roberta told me about the perio tray and Periogel treatments that Dr. Noetzel was offering, and I gladly tried this as an option.


I will sum up my description of the perio tray and Periogel treatments as the "fountain of youth for your mouth"!  I am delighted with the results.  I wear the trays for 15 minutes a day, and I had less plaque on my teeth the last time I was in for a cleaning than I've had for 20 years.  Equally great benefits are also that my breath is fresh (I no longer need to chew peppermint gum when talking to people) and my teeth are white.  I also tried bleaching my teeth for whitening, and I will say that the perio tray and Periogel treatments are better than any whitening treatment I've ever had with no sensitivity to my teeth or mouth.  I've also tried hydrogen peroxide options before, but normally the taste is very bad and there was no easy application.  The use of the perio tray and Periogel treatments is very easy and the taste is actually really good.  Lastly, there is an upfront cost to the trays, but the on-going cost of the Periogel is not bad at all for the benefits derived from the treatments.  What I save in going back to cleanings every 6 months (versus every 3 months) will pay for the trays fairly quickly.


I highly recommend the perio tray and Periogel treatments.




Laura A.

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