Perio Protect Patient Testimonial - Fran H.

#1 Fan of Perio Protect Trays!

Dr. Noetzel and my hygienist, Colleen, are very proactive with dental health care for their patients.

Yet, despite my diligent daily tooth regime, which includes brushing with an electric toothbrush, regular flossing, Waterpik water flosser, and using Smart Mouth Rinse, my twice-a-year dental checkups revealed to me disappointing results over the years. Even laser bacterial reduction done in the dental office didn't improve my gums sufficiently. I was so frustrated!

When Perio Protect Trays were first suggested by Dr. Noetzel and Colleen, I hesitated because let's face it, they are not covered by insurance and the price isn't cheap.

Finally, I took the plunge and it's the best decision I've made for my dental health! I love how they fit and although, I only need to wear them once a day, I normally wear them twice a day because they are so comfortable and I know they are doing their job. My gums have done a complete turnaround and I get great checkup reports now! And as an added bonus, my teeth have naturally whitened a bit. How nice!

Fran H.

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